Graphic Design
And Web Design Master Class.

We’re the most premium Graphics designing course provider for your better future. DrawOcean leads to enhancing your skills with the best quality graphic designing course and makes you successful and knowledgeable.Our target is to educate the youth for developing their career in one of the most prestigious and fastest-growing fields of graphic design. 

About The Course

Graphic Design for a Better Future

What we offer in DrawOcean (replacing Developing with a passion while exploring the world)

We aim to develop a highly engaged youth in the graphic design field. We offer the most reputed and highly effective Graphic designing courses at reasonable pricing.

Our courses attain Photoshop where we Ace you regarding these tools and shortcuts of photoshop. Also, we ace the student in blending, retouching, and color adjustment, and provide expertise in Adobe illustration. Not only this, we have the best resources to develop knowledge regarding design theory, color theory, Autonomy to Typography, and a lot more.

The education on WordPress and Elementer is provided in our bonus lectures. Conclusively, We offer a graphic designing course that works on the core knowledge of students and developers and graphic designers from personalities.


Graphic Design is For You,If

Our courses are highly effective for people who

Want to Start Freelancer

There is a lack of graphic designers in the market and a lot of work to do. We ace you and make you a highly effective graphic designer which will help you to start your career as a freelancer.

Want to Start Job

“The higher you’re effective, the more you increase” Choosing our courses will make you an expert in Graphics designing so that you become more effective on your job and get better increment fast.

Want to Start Business

Graphics designing has a high role in business for creating advertisements, animations, and a lot more. We pitch the best knowledge to you so that you’ll use it in your business and measure the new heights in business.

What in The 24 Weeks Course

Attains the knowledge of core development and brings a Graphic designer from you.

Course Content
1 . Introduction to Photoshop
2 . Tools and There Use
3 . Keyword Shortcuts
4 . Menu and There Use
5 . Use of Layer
6 . Colour and Adjustment Layers
6 . Shapes
8 . Text
9 . Layer Style
10 . Selections and Masking
11 . Smart Object
12 . Retouching
13 . Blending Mode
14 . Colour Mode and Resolution
15 . Brushes
16 . Basic of Adobe Illustrator
Design and Project
1 . Graphic Design Theory
a . The Anatomy of Typography
b . Colour Theory
c . Photos in Design
d . Layout and Design
2 . Photo Editing
3 . Editing and Manipulation
4 . Projects
a . Logo Design and Branding Project
b . Creating Vector Art
c . Event Flayer Design
d . Pattern Design
e . Package Design
f . Social Media Design
g . Portrait Art
h . Web Page Design
Bonus Lecture
Wanna ace WordPress and Elementor (Basic) for website generation. Don't miss our gift for you. Join us now.
WordPress and Elementor
1 . What is WordPress
2 . What is Domain and Hosting
3 . Cpanel Introduction
4 . WordPress Installation
5 . Theme Installation
6 . Pages and Menu
7 . Homepage Design With Elementor
8 . Create About Us Page With Elementor
9 . Create Service Page With Elementor
10 . Create Contact Us Page With Elementor
11 . Custom Header and Footer
12 . Create A Backup
13 . Impotant Plugins
14 . WhataApp Chat to Website
15 . Speed Up Your Website

This Course Will Help You

We build a core development course that starts you from 0 and helps to reach the top knowledge of Graphic designing.

This course will help you as a Freelancer, for providing the best quality content to your customers and earn a lot.
Our course is highly beneficial for Job Holders, to enhance in work quality and get promotion and better recognition in their work.
We are also very helpful for Web developers, to get advanced knowledge regarding web designing, and photoshop.
For Businesses that have started serving graphic designing services in the market.
Our course is helpful for Trainees, who want to learn expertise in Graphic Designing.
For Beginners, Who want to learn about Graphic design and make their career in this field.
And for a lot more.

Meet Your instructor

Hey Students, I am Narayan Swain (CEO & Founder Of EVARSE), I am also a Graphic Designer. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in 2007 at Bk college of art & Craft (Dept-Applied Art & Design) at Utkal University of culture. I have been working since 2007 as a graphic designer at Ratnagiri Ceramics. Exploring the field I also explore some highly reputed organizations. Also worked at Kajaria Ceramics in New Delhi and worked at RAK Ceramics in Dubai up to 2020.

I have gained 16 years of experience in this market and now I am willing to share my knowledge, experience and exposure as a graphic designer in the market with the medium of our course.

Student's Portfolio

We have trained hundreds of students yet and are going ahead. 

What My Student Says

Our students are our assets and we invest our knowledge in them.

This course cleared all my basic concepts of graphic design and helped to handle the advanced level work of graphic design. It enhances my interest in Graphic design courses and now learning a superior knowledge of Graphic design.


This course helps me to develop a skill in myself. By taking this course I invest in myself and I am very happy with the return I get today. Thank you DrawOcean.


The knowledge of Graphic design in this course is priceless and precious. Mr. Narayan Swain not only makes you a graphic designer but also enhances your skills so that a graphic designer will get the best platform for himself.

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